Blueprint for Maryland's Future

Envisioning a bright future for every Maryland child, the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future stands as a pivotal legislation enacted in 2021, heralding comprehensive reforms across the state’s public education system. With a commitment to elevate student experiences and bolster academic achievements, the Blueprint charts a transformative course, backed by a substantial increase of over $3.8 billion in annual education funding over the next decade.

At its core, the Blueprint promises to reshape Maryland’s educational landscape from prekindergarten through post-secondary education, marking a historic investment of state and local resources. Driven by a steadfast dedication to equity, it introduces novel programs and progressive strategies aimed at fostering a globally acclaimed education system, one that dismantles achievement disparities and ensures equal opportunities for all students irrespective of socio-economic background, race, ethnicity, or ability.

Crafted upon the recommendations of the Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education, colloquially known as the Kirwan Commission, spanning the years 2017 to 2019, this visionary initiative represents a collaborative effort of diverse stakeholders—comprising educators, policymakers, and community advocates. Rooted in the imperative to equip students with skills essential for success in the modern workforce, the Blueprint not only propels educational advancement but also uplifts marginalized communities, nurtures a pipeline of skilled professionals, and fortifies the state’s economic standing. Furthermore, the establishment of the Accountability and Implementation Board underscores a steadfast commitment to ensuring the effective execution of the Blueprint's objectives.

Through its five foundational pillars, the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future delineates strategic priorities and initiatives:

1. Early Childhood Education: Expanding access to full-day Pre-K, fostering public-private partnerships, and enhancing support services for families and children.

2. High Quality and Diverse Teachers and Leaders: Elevating the teaching profession through career advancement opportunities, competitive salaries, and robust support systems.

3. College and Career Readiness: Setting rigorous standards for college and workforce readiness, while providing tailored pathways and support structures for student success.

4. More Resources for all Students to be Successful: Strengthening community-based support services, addressing the needs of diverse student populations, and reforming funding mechanisms to address poverty concentrations.

5. Governance and Accountability: Instituting measures to ensure effective implementation, including expert review teams and a dedicated accountability board.

In essence, the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future embodies a collective commitment to unlock the full potential of every child, thereby propelling Maryland’s education system to global eminence.

The strategic priorities of Wicomico County Public Schools are in alignment with the foundational pillars of the Blueprint for Maryland's Future.

Strategic Priorities: 1.  School Climate and Safety,2. Student Achievement, 3. Additional Opportunities for Student Engagement, 4. High Performing Workforce, 5 Parent and Community Involvement

Pillar 1 early childhood

Pillar 2 High Quality Diverse Teachers and Leaders

Pillar 3 College and Career Readiness

Pillar 4 More Resources for all Students to be Successful

Pillar 5 Governance and Accountability